Lunch Menu (Oranmore)

Dear Customers,

We prepare all our dishes to order, using the freshest and best possible ingredients; thus you may experience a short delay during busy periods, but please bear with us or call ahead to pre-order. We are proud of our food and feel it is worth waiting for. Please note that substituting items may cost more.
Should you have any special dietary requirements or allergies, please advise the staff. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Garlic Bread €4.50
Soup of the Day
served with brown soda bread
Please ask your server for details
(gluten-free bread +€0.50)
Caesar Salad
baby gem lettuce, herb croutons, cured bacon, freshly grated Parmesan cheese, homemade Caesar dressing
+ topped with full breast of Irish free-range chicken €9.95
Cajun Chicken Salad
baby leaves, tomatoes, onion, spicy Cajun chicken breast, homemade herb dressing
Smoked Salmon Salad
slices of smoked salmon, organic baby leaves, capers, extra virgin olive oil dressing, served with brown bread (gluten-free bread +€0.50)
Goat Cheese Salad
baked goat cheese, mixed organic leaves, homemade olive oil dressing
(gluten-free pasta available on request)
Chicken Pasta
chicken, slow-roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, basil pesto, freshly grated Parmesan cheese
smoked bacon, cooked in extra virgin olive oil, finished with a touch of cream and Parmesan cheese
Seafood Pasta
cocktail of fresh seafood, cooked in white wine tomato concasse with fresh herbs
roast vegetables tossed in a duo of red and green pesto, served with freshly grated Parmesan cheese
chicken & bacon cooked in extra virgin olive oil and red wine sauce
smoked bacon and shallots cooked in red wine tomato sauce with a hint of chilli
bell peppers and onions cooked in extra virgin olive oil, tossed in tomato sauce and fresh chilli
(*mild, medium or spicy*)
(optionally with added chicken + €1)
Chicken, Cheese & Broccoli Pasta
sliced supreme of chicken, mushrooms and broccoli, cooked in white wine & Roquefort cheese sauce
Child’s portion of any above pasta (for children only) €7.50
Chicken Burger
grilled breast of Irish free-range chicken, baby spinach, tomato on ciabatta bread, Cajun sauce & home-cut chips
(or organic salad + €1)
Chicken Diavola
grilled marinated breast of Irish free-range chicken, served with spaghetti al funghi
(in mushroom white wine sauce)
Breaded Chicken
deep-fried breaded breast of Irish free-range chicken & home-cut chips
(or organic salad + €1)
homemade spicy meatballs, tossed in tomato sauce, served on the bed of pasta
Fish & Chips
golden deep-fried breaded fresh cod, Tartar sauce, home-cut chips
grilled darn of salmon, white wine tarragon sauce, home-cut chips
(or organic salad + €1)
Moules Marinière
steamed mussels served with white wine creamy sauce
+ home-cut chips €10.50
(or organic salad + €1)
Paninis on ciabatta bread
ham + cheese
* chicken + roasted peppers
* veggie / vegan panini
+ home-cut chips €8.95
(or organic salad + €1)
Fresh Home-cut Chips
Organic Side Salad
Ciabatta Bread / Brown Soda Bread
Gluten-free Bread